From passive to predictive to prognostic
Get proof of Asset Performance Management value

Grow more adaptive, collaborative, insightful and predictive — in as little as 9 weeks.

Success in power generation depends on critical asset reliability

Many utilities rely on traditional time-based maintenance methods. Scheduled maintenance helps detect obvious or critical-level issues, yet it can miss hidden underlying conditions that could lead to unplanned downtime. At the same time, the organisation is buried in data with potentially millions of data point inputs for asset health analysis and performance forecasting.

To prevent failures, optimise maintenance and repair prioritisation, reduce costs, and meet the challenges of an aging infrastructure and workforce in an evolving energy environment, utilities need the technology to recognise and arrest asset failures before they happen.

Our advanced technology portfolio let utilities leverage Hitachi Energy’ decades-deep industry knowledge via the embedded asset performance model at the heart of our Lumada APM.

Identify risks early to enable reliable resolution or mitigation

Replace time-based maintenance with condition-based maintenance for cost-effective reliability

Reduce CAPEX/OPEX with more informed long-term investment decisions

Facilitate the adoption of accepted industry standards such as ISO

See immediate value from an asset performance management solution that grows with you

Access and understand data to analyse not only "when" but also "what if"

An agile solution with seamless integration

  • Are our assets still functioning?

  • Are all parameters in the normal range?

  • Are alert and alarm thresholds set correctly?

  • Are we observing the right parameters?

  • What is the condition of our assets?

  • Why is this asset condition critical?

  • Where is the source of the problem?

  • How could we resolve the problem?

Next-level prognostics
  • When will the asset reach a critical condition?

  • When can we expect a malfunction or failure?

  • When will we get an alert or alarm?

  • What happens if we take a particular action?

Anticipating failures:
Why you need to discover the power of prognostics

Be proactive rather than reactive: Industry leaders are adopting APM to stay one step ahead at all times, identifying and solving problems before they arise.

Short term

Directly simplify day-to-day operations with aggregated analysis and built-in machine learning mechanisms.

Mid term

Turn unplanned outages into controlled and scheduled maintenance interventions.

Long term

Optimise overall maintenance economics and deliver higher reliability and efficiency.

We provide ongoing support to fully demonstrate the true impact APM has on your organisation’s assets by identifying, prioritising and resolving risks before they materialise. The ‘‘what-if’’ scenarios help to set the optimal operating conditions to extend assets’ remaining useful life.


What could you do better with prognostic foresight?

Improve maintenance scheduling and scoping to avoid, or better anticipate, unplanned downtime events

Improve understanding of the trade-offs between production/outage planning and maintenance scheduling

Prevent the loss of expertise caused by retirement

Enhance risk reporting with single-view visibility of data analytics on asset future condition

Better schedule technicians and renegotiate insurance rates through improved risk understanding

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