Power innovation with smarter digital
substations Predictive, prescriptive
and prognostic capabilities

The world’s industries and infrastructure are shifting to carbon-free electric power generation. Achieve your sustainability goals with the next-generation digital substation.

The Smart Digital Substation makes it possible to increase reliability, integrate new forms of cleaner energy and deliver energy services in smarter, safer ways.

Read this ARC Advisory Group white paper to learn how smart digital substations:

  • Enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Improve decision making by employing digital technology and analytics
  • Empower operators with more data on every aspect of the facility
  • Help determine the probability of unplanned downtime — and avoid it too

Keep pace with the shift towards more distributed and less predictable renewable power generation. Pairing digital substation technology with Lumada asset performance management helps you meet rising demand and complexity from distributed energy resources.