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SF₆-free technology: Advancing a sustainable energy future


For more than half a century, sulfur hexafluoride (SF₆) has been the norm in the electrical power transmission and distribution industry due to its unique insulation and switching properties. It is, however, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if leaked.

Today’s challenges are related not only to the gas's emissions but also to the solution's overall carbon footprint, equipment reliability, and technology readiness. Now more than ever, customers need an eco-efficient alternative that is scalable to ultra-high voltage levels while retaining the same compactness and reliability as conventional SF6 solutions.

We invite you to an exclusive session hosted by our expert, Navid Mahdizadeh, Market Innovation Manager for High Voltage Products business, we will share Hitachi Energy’s latest breakthrough in the EconiQ high-voltage portfolio that contains no SF₆ and will unlock the widest range in eco-efficient applications and accelerates the energy transition.


Navid Mahdizadeh

Navid Mahdizadeh

Global Portfolio Manager,
Eco-efficient Portfolio, PGHV

Hitachi Energy

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