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Ensuring power plant availability with Generator Circuit-breakers

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In power generation, every millisecond counts. At Hitachi Energy, we're dedicated to keeping your power plant running at maximum performance while minimizing the risk of damage or catastrophic failure, ensuring a high level of operational safety to keep people and equipment from harm. Our Generator Circuit-breakers are the most capable and reliable on the market today, supporting an increase in power plant availability up to 0.8% with a technological advantage well-suited to all types of power plants. With the introduction of our digital Generator Circuit-breakers with the GMS600 Monitoring system, Hitachi Energy continues to lead the industry in power plant-saving technology.

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With over 8000 units delivered in over 100 countries, we’ve allowed power plant operators around the globe to achieve the highest possible power plant availability at the lowest possible cost.



Generator Circuit-breakers installed


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10 - 2000 MW

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For the first time, we’re offering an in-depth look at how Hitachi Energy’s extensive line of Generator Circuitbreakers (GCBs) are moving the industry forward, and how we can help power plant owners safely lower costs and meet the rising energy demand. Sign up for one of our webinars today and join the conversation.

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Application of Generator Circuit breakers
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Criteria of selection and technical requirements
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What is the delayed current zero phenomena?
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Discover the Digital Generator-Circuit breaker
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Explore our award-winning factory

Our award-winning facility is over 2,200 square meters and has been designed to accommodate 'Lean Production’ for the manufacturing of industry-leading GCBs. Uhe entire production process at the GCB factory is continuously optimized to:
  • Deduce key input requirements like time, space, and capital
  • Deduce production time from 20 days to 16 hours
  • Ensure delivery in only three months for standard GCBs, resulting in speedy performance and a quick resolution of troubleshooting in urgent cases

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Join us for an on-site factory visit in Zurich to meet our sales and application experts in person, view our innovative common-flow production line and assembly areas, and learn more about the technology that helps it all work together.


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