Challenges and Opportunities in Transportation Fleet Electrification

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This IDC Spotlight examines the challenges and opportunities that surround the electrification of the transportation sector and the growing need for modern fleet and fast-charging applications.

Today, transport is still the least diversified and most carbon-intensive sector of energy demand, with 90% of its energy use coming from oil. Now, the industry is finally gearing up to undergo some profound changes over the next two decades:

  • By 2050, 48% of all energy used to move people and cargo is projected to be electric, compared with just 1% in 2021.
  • 2021 was the strongest year on record for EV sales, with approximately 6.6 million new electric cars registered globally.
  • There were 1.8 million publicly accessible chargers at the end of 2021 (one-third of which were fast chargers), up 35% from 2020.

These changes – though universally welcome – present some of the most significant challenges the power grid must overcome, if we are to successfully keep pace with the EV revolution.

How do we get there and how can we make our electrification ambitions a reality?

  • How can Fleet Operators maintain grid reliability and stability?
  • How can Charging service providers monitor and control both their charging infrastructure and facility operations?
  • How can modern fleets reduce capex, whilst optimizing operations, in areas with limited grid capacity?