A Brief Introduction to
Lumada Asset Performance Management

In the energy industry, core assets are both costly and critical.
You need to effectively manage asset health, prioritize repair and replacement decisions, and minimize risk.
As systems grow more integrated and complicated, this can be a tall order.

Lumada Asset Performance Management (APM) can help.

Join Siri Varadan, Director Global Asset Management Solutions, in this brief introductory demo video showing how Hitachi Energy’s Lumada APM helps businesses make better decisions faster.

Watch the demo to understand what APM is and what APM does. Find out more about the features in Lumada APM enabling you to:

  • Connect/Collect
  • Analyze/Predict
  • Inform/Prescribe
  • Act
  • Track

See how Lumada APM provides you a detailed view of your assets, where they are, and their current statuses. You can identify issues and potential risks, and the platform will also indicate what actions may be necessary.

The benefits include reducing preventable failures and maintenance cost, extending asset life, and reducing risk exposure. No wonder Lumada APM is positioned in the Leaders category of IDC MarketScape 2020-2021 vendor assessment for Asset Performance Management (APM) for Utilities.

What else can Lumada APM do for you?

event_noteAsset Maintenance:
Take a Deep Dive into Asset Maintenance with Lumada APM

Asset maintenance is ongoing and essential, yet questions abound:
Which asset should you maintain?
What remedial actions need to be taken?

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event_noteAsset Replacement:
Optimize Asset Replacement with Lumada APM

Asset replacement is inevitable. When your assets near end of life, you must make decisions about which assets to replace, when, and how to prioritize your spending and scheduling decisions.

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event_noteAsset Intelligence:
Enhance Asset Intelligence with Lumada APM

You have aging assets and a transitioning workforce. But you need to avoid risk of failure, budget better for asset lifespans, and identify & plan for maintenance needs.

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event_noteAsset Performance Management for Renewables

Discover how to perform audit analysis of renewable units to visualize their health status and current operating conditions.

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