Maximising the power of wind through grid flexibility

A co-authored paper by WindEurope and Hitachi Energy

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Across Europe, the clean energy transition is gaining immense momentum with the power sector being at the forefront of this seismic change in our society’s history.

Currently, electricity accounts for just one quarter of the energy we consume in Europe today and that needs to change.

With an ambition to increase this to 75% by 2050 what are the steps we urgently need to take today, for a sustainable energy future of tomorrow?

Of course, a large amount of this power generation capacity will come from variable renewables - such as wind – but this comes with its own obstacles.

To develop a flexible grid of the future that can handle the uncontrollability of wind power while continuously balance supply and demand, changes need to happen.

In this year’s exclusive co-authored paper between Hitachi Energy and WindEurope, delve into this topic in greater detail as we discuss:

  • Flexibility Levers
  • Energy Storage
  • Active Grids and Interconnectors
  • Flexible Grids through Power Electronics
  • Combining Power Electronics and Digital Technologies
  • Policies
  • New Business Models
  • And more.

Download the paper to gain deeper insight into the way forward for grid infrastructure.