Paradigm shifts in asset management and the impacts of digitalization

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See how three leading energy utilities in North America transformed their asset management strategy, optimized day-to-day processes, and improved standards

For years, global utilities have had to use vast amounts of digital data in departmental silos. Data governance practices were not mature enough to enforce uniformity in the data collected, and there was no adequate infrastructure for data analytics or developing a single view of field assets.

The introduction of BSI and ISO standards prompted a paradigm shift in the way utilities evaluate and manage asset maintenance and replacement strategies. The digitalization journey has transformed data collection and asset expenditure globally.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How American Electric Power (AEP), FirstEnergy, and Ameren have reduced emergency work and frequency of field visits and testing, and improved capital justification and inventory management
  • What it takes to execute a digitalization journey and the various processes and standards it may improve in your company
  • Why you should utilize Lumada Asset Performance Management (APM) to streamline existing asset workflows and improve operational efficiency

To meet regulatory requirements and expedite essential maintenance processes, utilities must proactively detect and prioritize asset issues. Learn the basic steps in the digitalization process and how Lumada APM brings everything together to facilitate wide-ranging impacts on standards and processes.