The smart mine blueprint

A digital path to more productive, safer and greener mining

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The modern mining industry is facing increased demands for safety and the need to decarbonize operations. They must contain the impact of extraction related to CO2 emissions and maintain high safety standards while meeting ever-increasing demands for the minerals that underpin everyday life.

Digitalization, automation and other new technologies are making decarbonization achievable and enabling mines to continue to serve their markets in an environmentally friendly way while maintaining profitability. The value of digitalization is driven by three key areas:

  • Optimized operations
  • Evolved electrification
  • More reliable and resilient communications

But what exactly does that mean? And more importantly…how do you get there? Our new “smart mine blueprint” has the information you need to understand the forces that are shaping the mining industry today, and the technologies that will support the cleaner, greener mines of the future.
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