Solar Whitepaper

Accelerating utility-scale solar through hybrid systems

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From 2022 to 2027 renewable energies are forecasted to account for greater than 90% of global electricity capacity expansion, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) reporting the largest increase ever in global renewable capacity additions in 2023, with solar PV additions accounting for two-thirds of this increase in renewable power capacity.

The future is certainly bright for renewables as their unprecedented momentum continues to grow…but this rapid growth is just the starting point.

Solar PV + battery energy storage solutions (BESS) is the next missing piece in the puzzle. Why? Because if we are to achieve both utility-scale solar power and the energy transition, we must look to hybrid systems to fill this void.

Download our insightful whitepaper below and gain access and insight into:

  • The renewable landscape
  • A changing outlook
  • The boom in solar
  • The hybrid future
  • The energy transition needs hybrid
  • Battery storage
  • The business case of hybrid systems
  • And more