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Scan your system and take control of your power

Health checks are not only important for human beings and machines, but for your investments too!

By analysing both the condition and risk of your substation with RelScan, we help you take the right preventive actions, such as designing and implementing a revised maintenance plan or an upgrade, to maximize reliability and availability.

Using asset-specific checklists, a Hitachi Energy expert will assess the condition of your assets considering also how your substation is operated. No outage is required, so operations are not affected. An advanced Hitachi Energy remote support solution is available to support on-site inspections.

We believe this is a great solution to enhance your power grid resilience and safety, to optimize operational costs and to make it more sustainable.

Your journey towards system reliability starts now!

With RelScan, Hitachi Energy considers the equipment’s physical condition, age, spare parts availability and previous operational experience during a detailed site assessment – as well as its contribution to factors such as reliable power supply and economic operations.

You will be able to:

  • Get our experts to perform a visual inspection and structured discussion to assess condition of substation assets and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Receive a technical report assessing your system reliability, the impact of potential failures and detailing a priority list of assets that need immediate attention.
  • Follow up findings with tailored recommendations to improve substation operation and reliability.

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Applicable conditions to get a free RelScan:

  • Free for the first 10 customers who apply by 25/05/22. Execution to be defined
  • Applicable to sites located in the following countries: Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Perú, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Republica Dominicana, Panamá, Costa Rica
  • Free up to 100 assets and substations older than 15 years
  • Assessment based on visual observation only (no test or measurements)
  • By applying to this award, you give consent to communication for marketing purpose