Electric grids: The ultimate supply chains

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This issue of the Economist’s Technology Quarterly puts the spotlight firmly on the electricity grid. As Hal Hodson teases in his introduction, “one of the foundations of modernity is about to be transformed…

The journey to reduce emissions and meet ambitious global sustainability pledges are essential in the race towards net zero. However, achieving these goals will rely on the grid being both expanded and utterly transformed – a feat that could potentially cost $32 trillion between now and 2050.

Currently, there are no alternatives to massive electrification if the world is to decarbonize its primary energy use…so what are the next steps? How can we expand and connect the grid? What will the implications be for global energy usage?

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  • The ultimate supply chains: The electric grid is about to be transformed
  • Hurry up and wait: Adding capacity to the electricity grid is not a simple task
  • Direct delivery: Electric grids fed by renewables need a different kind of plumbing
  • Defying Dunkelflaute: It is harder for new electric grids to balance supply and demand
  • Back in black: The physics of rotating masses can no longer define the electric grid
  • Electric grids: Sources and acknowledgments

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