Predicting turbine failure to power reliability, revenue

Wind power producer benefits from prognostic asset management solution

The global wind industry is seeing strong year-over-year growth, up 53% from 2019 for a record 93 GW of new capacity in 2020.1 As wind power production increases, so too does demand for optimising operation and asset management to ensure a wind project’s profitability.

This wind power case study features prognostic asset management for wind turbines at one of Europe’s market leaders in both onshore and offshore wind power generation.

With our Lumada APM, the power producer with around 50 wind farms operating across five countries was able to do the following:

  • Anticipate breakdowns instead of running wind turbines to failure
  • Move away from “gut feeling” asset-related decisions in favor of data-driven ones
  • Predict probability of malfunctions and downtime for the overall fleet, with insights into individual turbine units down to the component level
  • Quantify and differentiate the value of SCADA, vibration and lubricant parameters for effective wind turbine monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic purposes